Episode 514


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This week, Dread Media embarks on the first of what we hope is many David Cronenberg double features. Chris and Desmond grab films from his early career, and his creative peak, to kick things off: Rabid and Dead Ringers. Then they play music: "Necromantic Woman" by Space God Ritual, "Rabid (Over Your)" by The Damned, "Dead Ringer Struck" by Truth, and "The Operating Room" by Howard Shore. [ 1:33:40 || 45.2 MB ]

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This is the first I've heard of that. Worth a look?

Also, eXistenZ would probably fall into the slot of Cronenberg's most underrated films in my opinion. Very much a companion piece to Videodrome. Nowhere near as good as that film but only like three movies ever made are.

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Cartoon Network showed some episodes on Toonami during late night Saturdays. It is a Studio Madhouse production, and I have grown to like their work. It is based off of the manga by Hitoshi Iwaaki who was heavily inspired by John Carpenters "The Thing." If it just happens to be on TV and you have nothing better to do, you might enjoy it.

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