Episode 34


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Captain Kirk finds himself the unwitting lover a woman who's to be married off to prevent a war ("Elaan of Troyius"). Then Kirk and Spock are held captive by a former Fleet Captain who wishes to rule with an iron fist ("Whom Gods Destroy"). Plus: Dan and Mike discuss the first full Star Trek: Discovery trailer, as well as the trailer for The Orville. [ 1:00:42 || 29.6 MB ]

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I remember thinking Marta was problematic because there was that vibe about her where in an episode that takes place on a ship with a number of insane inmates her insanity was hinted at being especially wretched or twisted because she was a woman. That might've been me projecting the show's attitude towards women coming right off on Elaan of Troyius. As we say, Yvonne Craig did a marvelous job. I think I just never trust this show when it comes to female characters and have a hair trigger whenever they're brought up in discussion. I think Garth mentions something about her being one of the worst of them all or something. Him blowing her up was pretty gratuitous. 

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