Episode 41


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Cyrano Jones returns with a new breed of Tribbles ("More Tribbles, More Troubles"), a long-missing philanthropist turns out to be a Romulan spy ("The Survivor"), and a giant attempts to bring about universal peace with equally giant duplicates of Spock ("The Infinite Vulcan"). Also: Mike gushes over Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and Dan has a field day over the Mego Gorn. [ 1:13:55 || 35.9 MB ]


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On 5/30/2018 at 3:50 PM, The Master said:

I don't recall getting an email for you. Was it about this grouping of episodes?

It was the last one, I thought maybe I sent it in too late. Then I was afraid I may have posted or said something that offended either you or Dan. Which if, was the case. I was hoping we could work out. 


I have been thinking of a couple of projects that I would like to make into small podcast episodes. If I ever get them done (full time job + internship = always tired) Would you like to listen to them? 

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