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Shawn goes into business for himself, Bret verges on losing his professional edge, Taker is trapped in a steel cage of his own making, and Austin is doing Looney Tunes skits with King. And the Pillman storyline is messed up. What can save us this week? Any wrestler under 200 pounds. Have fun with this as we discuss whether we had fun with this! [ 2:23:34 || 69.0 MB ]


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The Pillman / Teri angle could never be done in the era of #MeToo, and that is a good thing. Honestly, it's amazing they got away with it in 1997. It's not like sexual assault was acceptable back then. Just a terribly immoral angle.

We all know wrestling is not real, but we suspend disbelief to follow the story. That's why you need to ask yourself, "If this were real, what would happen?"

Well, a SWAT team would rescue Teri and Pillman would be in prison.

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