Episode 1042


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In this patron-suggested episode, Dan and Mike look at a classic comic book series that was long overdue for coverage on Earth-2.net: The Show. It's time to discuss the first six issues of the epic 12-part Squadron Supreme limited series! What themes does it touch upon that later comic books would get credit for, what makes it just as relevant now as it was in 1985, and how can you want the good guys to win and lose at the same time? You're one click away from hearing these answers. [ 1:06:25 || 34.9 MB ]


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Dan and Mike, have you guys read "Supreme Power" and the follow-up "Squadron Supreme" from that universe? I have collected all of the trades and I love them.

Just avoid "Ultimate Power."


Also in terms of brainwashing criminals, what about people who were convicted of a crime they did not commit? How do we justify irreversibly shifting someone's brain and then, oops, they didn't do it? There are a ton of real-world cases where people spent years in prison for crimes they did not commit, but their brains were not reformatted like a hard drive.

Curious if that was addressed in the series.

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