Pixar and Disney talking again


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New Disney-Pixar Deal Likely

Jobs wants to stay at the House of Mouse.

by IGN FilmForce

November 9, 2005 - Nearly two years after Pixar topper Steve Jobs first announced that the CG animation studio was parting ways with Walt Disney Pictures, the entities appear poised to kiss and make up. During a recent third-quarter earnings conference call, Jobs was hopeful about renewing relations with the House of Mouse.

"We are in deep discussions with Disney," he said, noting that that they'd like to have a new distribution deal in place as soon as possible. "It's worth the few extra months of effort if there is a chance of continuing our relationship with Disney and our discussions right now are very productive," said Jobs.

That's a completely different tune than the Pixar CEO was singing back in early 2004 when then-Disney honcho Michael Eisner refused to meet the terms demanded by Jobs for a new Pixar distribution agreement. Pixar reportedly wanted 100% of the box office take on future films, a modest distribution fee and the lion's share of ancillary revenue. Eisner balked.

Things have warmed between the companies since Eisner's departure and serious talks restarted after his successor Robert Iger was put in place.

The box office success of Chicken Little may give Disney a little better footing, proving that they're not completely hosed without Pixar's brand of computer-animated movie magic.  But Pixar isn't in a bad way either, the studio's earnings rose 22 percent last quarter on robust home video sales of prior releases like Finding Nemo and The Incredibles.

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Disney Reportedly in Talks To Buy Pixar

Appearing to be carrying out the longstanding Hollywood maxim, "if you can't sign them, buy them," the Walt Disney Co. is reported in "serious discussions" to acquire Pixar Animation. According to today's (Thursday) Wall Street Journal, which cited people familiar with the situation, the proposed all-stock deal would pay a nominal premium to Pixar's current market value of $6.7 billion, making Pixar chief Steve Jobs Disney's largest individual shareholder. The newspaper said that talks between Disney and Pixar "have gained momentum in recent months" and that they are now "at a sensitive stage."

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Eh, I read the entire article this snippet is based on. And it pretty much says that while it COULD happen, it won't. Jobs owns 50.6% of Pixar, so it entirely rest on his shoulders if Disney make an offer. While the idea of bringing his own unique style and vision to Disney may appeal initially, the report hypothesised *sp, that Jobs would not want to be at every board meeting discussing how much to charge for the Mickey Mouse Ride at EuroDisney.

My thoughts. He has one of the biggest Ego's in IT and Entertainment, so the thought of running Disney (which could be an option after the sale) could be too big.

On the other side, the iPod was a precursor to his ultimate goal, winning the mantle of supreme IT geek from Gates, and with the money iPod and iTunes has made him, along with the new Intel Apple machines, all the pieces are finally in place for him to challenge.

He won't sell, he spent a lot of money and time nurturing Pixar in its early years, it's too close to his heart. Plus the same report said he has been talking with other distribution companies, in case the new Disney deal (post Cars) falls through.

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