Watchmen: Under the Red Hood (Da Movie)


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Has anyone seen this? It's a short film mock-up of a 1985 interview with Hollis Mason and Sally Jupiter for the 2009 film, adapting much of the content of Mason's tell-all book not depicted in any of the cuts of the movie. I just watched it on DC Universe.

Much like the 2009 movie, the attention to detail (including a poster of the failed Silk Spectre movie) is incredible. There are even interstitial commercials advertising Nostalgia perfume and more scenes with Matt Frewer's Moloch, Bernie the news vendor and the like. It does a terrific job of fleshing out the Watchmen movie world and depicting more of the comic world on-screen.

On the other hand, it's bizarrely hammy as fuck. Except for maybe Stephen McHattie who plays Hollis Mason, everyone is overacting like crazy and the whole effect comes off as cheesy and ridiculous, which I don't understand. It's not just making things look dated and old to play to the decade, it's actively ridiculous. It's as though if it were a fan-film, it'd be glorious, but because this is an earnest, genuine film production you're left scratching your head at the whole thing. Much like the movie itself (which I feel I'm going to come away with the harshest opinion after soon revisiting), there's a sense of a missed point that you can't escape from. 

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