Marvel acquires Alien and Predator franchises


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After 32 years with Dark Horse, the Alien and Predator line of comics are moving to Marvel. Apparently, though, there's no intention to set them within the Marvel Universe.

I'm willing to bet this is the death knell for Dark Horse. After losing Star Wars, Buffy, and now these two franchises, what do they have left besides Hellboy?

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Dark Horse could last. They still do a fair bit of liscensed stuff including some Disney Stuff that they don't do through Marvel. Also the collectables and big, over-sized art books will keep them going in the Bookstore Market for awhile. Direct Market is more iffy but they're not completely dead yet.

As for the Alien/Predator stuff, now might be a good time to pick up any of those collected books before they go out of print, especially the crossover stuff with DC..

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