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Doug Furnas and Phil LaFon's run on Shtogun continues in a match that the ring simply could not contain. Meanwhile, on Monday Night Raw, there's a special Christmas episode, and Shawn Michaels is in a very giving mood as he is forced to defend the European Championship against HHH. Kellen and Tom review Shawn's championship history in despair. [ 1:40:23 || 48.3 MB ]


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  • Missy changed the title to Week 51

Finger Poke of Doom is a much more egregious of a swerve, especially with the whole Hogan’s nWo vs Nash’s Wolfpac war that had been building to that expected crescendo for the better part of 1998.

Throw in the onscreen dig at Mick Foley’s pre-tapped title win that was airing that night, and you have all the ingredients for one of the worst storyline moments in wrestling history.

At least here it fit the characters they were portraying, and they did need to get the Euro title off of Shawn in a fashion that wouldn’t make you wonder “well, why the hell wouldn’t the guy go for the heavyweight title instead!?”

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Now, how the Euro title goes from Triple H to Owen is worse than what happened with the HBK-HHH title switch though.  

I think Trips was legit injured, so a month later Owen defeats Goldust, who was mimicking Triple H, and gets awarded the belt based on Goldust’s “acting job”!

Owen holds it until a few weeks before ‘Mania, and drops it to Hunter.  Hunter defeats Owen at Mania, and holds the bell belt until dropping it to D-Lo Brown in July.


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