Episode 700 - Resident Evil series


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This week on Dread Media, help ring in episode 700 with us as Desmond and Tom review the entire Resident Evil series! All six films get reviews this week, so make sure to jump in on the action of Milla being purty, poor continuity, and the inability to tell these movies apart. It ain't pretty, but it's really fun. Also, all of these songs are from the RE film series except one: "Invisible Wounds (The Sulutre Mix)" by Fear Factory, "Dirt" by Depeche Mode, "Vermilion" by Slipknot, "My World" by Emigrate, "The Outsider (Resident Renholder Remix)" by A Perfect Circle, "Flying through the air (Resident Evil Retribution main theme)" by Tomandandy, "Ascension (Resident Evil the Final Chapter OST) by Paul Haslinger, and "Rocket Collecting" by MIlla. You're all going to die down here. [ 2:47:52 || 80.8 MB ]


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I actually really liked the second Resident Evil movie. The first one is my favorite but the second is, well, a close second. Nemesis looks TERRIBLE though, and I thought that at the time.

I wasn't all that fond of the third one because Alice was very overpowered, and I hated the final one.

The fifth one seemed like they were just desperately trying to get Capcom to make another game based on that movie, as they moved from obvious video game level to obvious video game level. And Alice (who is supposedly human) getting shot in the abdomen and no-selling it throughout the movie was just laughable. No. Gut shots are very bad. You get infected and you die.

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