Episode 165 - Spyfall


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  • Missy changed the title to Episode 165 - Spyfall

Love Sascha Dawan as the Master, and I remember Davos from Iron Fist, but still failed to recognize him. I think it's because his head was shaved in that show.

Regarding the Nazi Death Trap the Doctor had set upon him, I did break into a laugh when it first happened, cuz this Master is such an evil asshole. Whereas Simm in the RTD era had that goofiness which sort of fought with any evil genius characterization by saying he was simply crazy, this guy is intent with his hate. That scene where he orders the Doctor to bow to him and say his name is amazing. It's like this regeneration reflects upon himself and what he wants more openly than the others, from what I've seen.

But when he comes back later and describes living through a decades long Nazi nightmare, that definitely sours things. Because initially I just saw him getting trap as a move against him from the Doctor. That fact that he didn't escape for forever is hard to think about, if also a little hard to buy as well. IDK, mebbe if he'd escaped soon after it wouldn't be that big a deal since we wouldn't have to think about bad stuff happening to him for years and years?

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