Episode 65 - Elementary Dear Data and The Outrageous Okona


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Geordi fucks up by bringing holodeck Professor Moriarty to life ("Elementary Dear Data"), and bum-ass Han Solo fucks his away around the ship ("The Outrageous Okona"). The guys get bored talking about the second episode and turn the show into a Quantum Leap podcast. [ 51:29 || 25.2 MB ]


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Loved Dan’s quick response to Mike’s feeble attempt to keep the conversation going with the Replicant analogy ;)

I may have said this back when you guys covered the episode, many years ago ;)

but the talk of bare feet being a TV “code” for sexual activity reminded me of how “Kirk lacing up his boots” was used as the answer to a trivia question “On Star Trek, what was the signal that Kirk just had a sexual encounter” which pretty much implied that it was as frequent of an on screen thing as say Bones saying “I’m a Doctor, not a…” or “…dead, Jim!”

Yet it was done only one time!  

Granted Kirk’s on screen conquest numbers are exaggerated when you sit down and watch all 80 TOS episodes, but certainly it’s more than just once!

But it does make sense when you are trying to get things by the censors I suppose.  I wonder if that, “putting articles of clothing back on” actually is what “barefoot” evolved into in the 1980s.

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