Episode 1139 - Birds of Prey


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  • Missy changed the title to Episode 1139 - Birds of Prey

T'was good! Nothing disagreeable on my end, anyone who just obediently conforms to this interpretation as better than the original purely because it's the movie's interpretation is open to a Simpsons-style strangling from me.

What's interesting is that Gail Simone 1) eventually copped to it being a pretty antithetic adaptation of the character online, and 2) said apparently she was originally meant to closer embody Cassandra from the comics.

With the Brave and the Bold movie on the horizon bringing forth the actual, factual Bat-Family (and James Gunn having repeatedly stated in the past that Cass Cain is a favorite character of his), I'm confident that this version would just be a blip in history. 

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