Tommy Vercetti v Punisher


Only one can live.  

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It's the ultimate video game gangster verses the coldest comic book vigilante: Tommy Vercetti v The Punisher.

Place: New York City

Conditions: Normal

Time Period: 1980's

After taking control of Vice City, Tommy Vercetti sets his sites on a bigger apple -- the Big Apple in fact.

After serving his country in Vietnam, Frank Castle wanted nothing more than to settle down with his wife and kids. Their deaths at the hands of mobsters, however, spoiled his dreams, and birthed The Punisher.

Clichéd or not, New York City isn't big enough for the two of them, and someone's leaving in a body bag.

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As much credit as I give Tommy for taking over the empire he once served, Punisher would own Tommy.

Frank Castle just has that many more guns to use that Tommy does... Though I wouldn't put it passed Tommy to try to run Castle over.

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