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I've been tossing around the idea of getting Mario Advanced 4: Super Mario Brother 3 for a couple months now but haven't decided whether it's worth it I already own the original Mario Brother 3 on NES and the only real reason I'd get it is so I could buy some e-cards*Since I need a use for the damn thing* and try out some of the extras for the game. My question, if anyone owns the game and has tried this out, is it worth it?

Please tell me there's somebody around here who can help me out with this???

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We need more GBA fellows round these here parts... or atleast someone whose used the E-Reader for this game. :(

Since you can't use the eReader with SP and I don't feel like breaking out my old GBA, I can't use the cards.

Don't worry too much about it, but that is stupid that the E-Reader isn't compatiable with the SP.

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