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Our VCR just broke and the tape is jammed inside! So we can't review Ghostbusters this week. :cry: (We could do it from memory, but it's been way too long.)

That said, we don't have time to decide on another topic, view / read it, record / edit a full show and post it by Tuesday. We will, however, record a Quickie this week and find a way (even if it means buying the DVD) to get to Ghostbusters by next week. Sorry guys!

On the bright side, this allows y'all to get your GB-related e-mails and mp3s in before the show.

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Though with the all-ghost episode idea, wouldn't it make senseto delay it for when we do that, (and give it some time cuz I really would like to do anticipation on Ginban Kaeidoscope and downloading 10 175MB files on a dial-up connection takes a long time)

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