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Both men are out for vengeance, but their quests have been put on hold for this fight.

Location: Detroit, Michigan

Conditions: storms and fires have caused city-wide power outages

Ghost Rider Set Up: Johnny Blaze travels to Detroit after he gets word that a friend was murdered. When he arrives he finds the city cloaked in darkness due to a heavy storms and fires. For the most part people stay indoors, but Blaze (as Ghost Rider) comes across several groups of looters, gangs, and other unsavory types who he puts a quick end to. So when he crosses paths with the pale-faced strange in black leather he thinks him to be just another weirdo or would-be thug he can dispose of quickly.

Crow Set Up: As Eric Draven hunts down the men who murder himself and his fiancée, fires ravage the city -- killing innocent people. When he comes across the flaming skulled biker that is Ghost Rider, Draven assumes he's found the murderous arson -- and attacks.

Note: This is not to the death. At some point Blaze will realize that The Crow is his murdered friend, and the two will team-up to hunt down Eric's killers. You are to decide who will be the last man standing before that moment.

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