Portrait of the Comic Fan as a Young Man

Tim O

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That picture of Dennis is what got me reading the column!

Just felt that you deserved some acknowledgement for a very well-written, easy-to-read column. I particularly enjoyed it because it mirrors my own story. I used to buy the Beano every week and, like you, much preferred it to the Dandy and others. The whole "Man Of Iron" thing is a great coincidence too; it was also the first Transformers issue that I bought (although mine was the summer special rather than the actual issue 9).

Just one small discrepancy though; the ugly Bash Street Kid is called Plug (not Pug, although Pug does sound more appropriate). Here's the facially-challenged one:


Whoops, my bad



Anyways, your column was a really fun read. Thanks for taking the time to write and post it.

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Oh man, that's an old one.

Really?! It's the twelfth one down on the columns page and I couldn't see any date. My bad, I guess.

Thanks though. I really should do parts #2 and #3 of that.

And I'm sure that a couple of years down the line, I'll post some feedback! :blush:

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