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Jen and I will record a Civil War episode this Thursday night (the first of seven CW shows), and we want your thoughts on the first issue and the various tie-ins. We also want to hear where you stand on the subject of the Superhero Registration Act, so please send in those e-mails and voice messages by Thursday at 8:00p CST.

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The registration act is just another quasi state controled sceme to keep a close eye on its sheep. It's another way for the government to take away our identities and replace them with yes men, and women, pacifist attitudes. Nothing good can come out of this. Not when there are threats like Doom, Hobgoblin, and the general run-of-the-mill cosmic destruction afoot. This will just tip the scales of power in favor of the bad guy. Vigilanty justice is way too frowned apon in this day and age! Why don't we have them walk around with superhero name tags while we're at it. You know those ones with "Hi My Name Is" already typed and all you have to do is fill in your name. They will only need one name. "Hey, who was that masked avenger who prevented my man-purse from being stolen? Oh wait it's Peter and he's not wearing a mask." There is nothing wrong with a man-purse! They are the perfect accessory to hold your worldly possessions and only a supervilian would be able to remove it unlike a wallet which could be removed by the common thug. All in all, it's a bad idea.

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