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  1. Bento

    Mass Effect

    After two weeks of playing... the game is great. At first I thought the combat was going to ruin the game, but after getting used to it... all is good.
  2. Bento

    Mass Effect

    Yeah, I'm pretty psyched. I'm actually reading the novel by Drew Karpyshyn. It's not bad... it's getting me psyched even more about the game so I guess it's doing it's job.
  3. Super Puzzle Fighter HD Remix... still... and i keep getting my ass kicked Madden 08' Can't wait for Mass Effect!
  4. Madden 08' Super Puzzle Fighter 2 HD Turbo Remix Fantastic Happy Wish Time Can't wait for Mass Effect!
  5. Bento

    World War Hulk

    So, lets make this the section where we can actually talk about the current state of WWH... spoilers and everything (see below). Hulk gave Blackbolt such a beatdown they couldn't even show it. and not even did he trash ironman, but he took down stark tower in the process. i'm really going to enjoy this event.
  6. Looks like the they are looking towards "Lost" and "Heroes" for writers.
  7. Bento

    World War Hulk

    Has anyone mentioned that maybe Banner will defeat Hulk? Sounds lame, but I wanted to throw it out there.
  8. It could be fun. I'll get it. Wow, Marvel is really pulling out all the stops... Zombies, Transformers, main characters dying. I wonder what else they'll throw on the board to see what sticks
  9. DS - Theme Park (great sim... I love that micro-management stuff) 360 - Marvel Ultimate Alliance (great game... button mashing, but pretty cool story wise) Dreamcast - Marvel vs. Street Figher 2 (went old school here, but when my 360 was in the shop this came out of the closet and I haven't stopped playing it... I've unlocked almost everything) Hmm, looking at this I should really focus on work more... ah "F" that.
  10. maybe it's just straight up Hulk. I mean it's the Hulk. He's survived so much. He's managed to survive after being shot into space and dealing with inter-galactic gladiatorial craziness.
  11. Bento

    Broken 360

    It's a great multimedia system but, I would totally suggest spending the extra $50 on the in-store warranty. Not that Microsoft sucks, it would just be much more convenient.
  12. Bento

    Broken 360

    Here is an update. They returned me a 360 that clearly had something moving in it. Plus every few hours it would tell me that the disk was scratched and unreadable, booting me out of my game (sucked a few times when I hadn't saved). Anyways, I called them and they demanded I return the current system, cause I acutually said I would be fine with it as long as it worked. They would not let me keep the system with said loose part. Anyways, they send me another 360 with another loose part (lame) but, this time no disk reading error so I'm just going to keep it. Anyways, I complained about losing time on my 3 month XBL subscription and they sent me 1 month free cards for each time they sent me a 360. That's 2 free months and a possible broken 360, awesome.
  13. Bento

    Broken 360

    Has anyone here sent their system back to Microsoft for repairs? Mine recently came across the 3 flashing red ring lights which pretty much turned it into a heavy plastic paper weight. The thing that gets me is that it's only 2 months old. On games and addons I've spent somewhere upwards of $700 and the thing just breaks. Microsoft has been good with the repairs, getting my system back to me in about 2 weeks, with no cost to me but then they stiff-armed me when I asked for compensation on my Xbox Live Account. I literally purchased a 3 month card the day before and I've lost 2 weeks... just doesn't seem fair. I just asked for those two weeks back and they said no.
  14. Bento

    52 and World War III

    A really lame interview with editor Micheal Siglain, but it's accompanied by the WWIII covers and interior art.
  15. Here ya go man. It's actually a pretty detailed breakdown of the panel with pics. Check out the WWH trailer too (awesome). As for what I'm looking forward to. I think things are changing for me. After thinking about everything that is coming and trying to figure out how I'm going to aford this, I've decided to consolodate. I'm going to focus on WWH and then some stand alone series like JSA, Astonishing and some minis here and there.