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Kinda worried where Marvel is taking this Civil War thing. As I've stated before, seeing old time favorites reveal themselves to the public is a bit shocking. Is it the kind of story I want? I'm not sure, but there are interesting avenues to pursue. Personally, one of the best plot lines they can possibly, will, explore is the formation of the resistance. The new brotherhood are some of our favorite heros. Are they still heros? Cap, Daredevil, Cable, according to traditional society are more terrorists than anything. Their efforts, no matter what they may be, no longer benefit society. They are a hinderance toward the good of the cause. It's a story as old as American history itself. As much as I hate to say it, but according to current American beliefs George Washington was a terrorist. Fighting against oppression and fighting for freedom. So far all we've seen is the resistance fighting back against the police state, but I can't wait for the frame where our heros actually collide! To see Captain America drop Spider-Man like a sack of potatoes or see Cable kick the shit out of Mister Fantastic. I beg Marvel to take this path.

What I do not want, is Marvel seeing they fucked up and reset the whole thing someway. That would be the lamest thing they could possibly do.

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What I do not want, is Marvel seeing they fucked up and reset the whole thing someway.

I've been kind of dreading the same thing, especially since the closing panel of #2. Some things just can't be taken back, even if the characters in the storylines buy whatever excuse the writers come up with. A big part of why I'm digging this series is because it's so far from the norm when it comes to company-spanning events. Things are actually happening, characters are making decisions and changing. I can't remember the last time I read a story that really shook things up and made me realize these characters are supposed to be living beings. Up until now it's been "big bad guy comes in, a couple guys die, enemy defeated, rejoice." The whole vibe of growth, debate and conflict that underlies Civil War is too big a deal to try to write off, and I think Millar (and ultimately Quesada) know that.

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