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Don't know from many of you guys read it but Jack Cross was this really good series that Warren Ellis wrote for DC a little before he did Fell and Desolation Jones. I was really typical Ellis. Brillant. Political. Angry. Violent. But also very personal.

Ellis wrote four excellent issues then the titles went on hiatus. And me and I am sure many others were left wondering, whats next?

Well I'm recently replied to a myspace blog of Ellis' where allowed his "friends" to ask him questions. I asked him if was going to continue with Cross and he replied "No, I'm not giving DC any more JACK CROSS.'' He didn't elaborate.

Anybody read anything eles on this?

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What was it about?

It was about the anti-terrorist government agent named Jack Cross who is semi-retired as the series begins. He's called back into the game by a former co-worker who is having trouble cracking a terrorist suspect. Turns out the guy is an undercover CIA agent who went rogue. But nobody can figure out way cuz the guy won't talk. So comes in and orders everybody around in that Ellis kind of way. Anyway Cross gets the guy to crack by shooting off his fingers one by one. The rest of the series follows Cross' investigation of what he learned from the CIA guy. It was sorta like "24'' by way smarter.

Intense stuff. Also lotsa political commentary by Ellis so I kind of wondered if that was the reason the ongoing was ended after three when there actually was a solict for the next issue in the back of number four

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If Ellis said he didn't want to give DC anymore Jack Cross then I would only assume they wanted him to take it in a direction that was so divergent from what he wanted he would prefer the title be cancelled and fall into obscurity than write it.

Too bad, it was supposed to be ongoing and in the DCU. Maybe they wanted him to tie into Infinite Crisis or something?

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Still haven't bought the books. The local shop only has the first one; since I'd rather buy all four at once, I'm holding out. Maybe I'll find them at WWC this weekend.

I still have them in my pull box. I'll pick em up next time and check them out. Myabe I'll send them your way when I'm done.

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