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Man, Liefeld is such a scam artist. He "creates" a character for Tom Cruise to play... "He looks like The Silver Surfer. He climbs walls like Spider-Man and he has basically the same level of power of Superman." Yeah, good job taking the powers of two or three of the more recognizable comics icons in the history of the business... where's the originality again? Oh yeah, and they had to rewrite the script because it was too similar to the Matrix. Which just so happens to have been one of the more successful film franchises of the last decade.

Liefeld is a snake, man. Plain and simple. His art sucks, his storytelling is worse, and he's got a big name because he hung with the right group of artists at the right time.

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Never had a chance to read those issues (and since they won't be collected, I never will), but were they really that bad?

Ugh...even thinking about them makes me hurt. I like to pretend they were never made, or that Infinite Crisis did one good thing and wipe them out of existence.

It was an attempt to be schmultzy for the first Father's Day after Robin's dad died and was a really good idea. However, it turned into Rob Liefeld's "Gee, how can I pose the characters in a weird way so I don't have to draw their feet on this page. In fact, it was a cheap attempt to get him drawing Hawk and Dove again (the only thing of his that still stands as quite good in my books).

I have heard that Liefeld has the tendency to turn pages in very late with an entirely different story than the script he was handed, forcing the writer/editor/mailroom attendant to rewrite the script.

Liefeld, in my opinion, is everything bad about comics. He represents, on one end, the style over substance era of the nineties and its ugly counterpart the moneymaking grab and go era of the nineties. He's like Michael Turner and Todd McFarlane all rolled into one with the storytelling ability of Chuck Austen.

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