Viewtiful Joe 2 in 2004?


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Found this little tidbit on

March 15, 2004 - According to the Hong Kong-based publication Game Watch, Capcom Entertainment is underway with a full-blown sequel to its hits GameCube action-brawler Viewtiful Joe. The title, simply dubbed Viewtiful Joe 2, is slated for release on GameCube before the end of the year, if the magazine's report is to be believed.

Import site Play Asia translated more information about the project from Game Watch's write-up. The article stated that though Joe will once again be the main character, players will also be able to combat enemies with his girlfriend Silvia. The female character can carry two cheerleader-like pom-poms. The duo may be able to fight together as a team. Meanwhile, the magazine reported that the title will sport a similar visual style to the original game.

Game Watch also wrote that Viewtiful Joe 2 would be shown in some form at the forthcoming Electronics Entertainment Expo 2004, which kicks off in Los Angeles this May.

It should be noted that Game Watch does not attribute any source for its information.

IGNcube contacted Capcom USA for comment. "Capcom has not made any announcements regarding a Viewtiful Joe 2 game," a spokesperson for the company said.

Viewtiful Joe for GameCube, a quasi-2D/3D beat-'em-up, featured unique cel-shaded style graphics and a deep, intuitive combo system. The title, deemed something of a sleeper hit, released in 2003 for Nintendo's console and has since sold more than 200,000 units.

IGNcube will have more on this rumor -- which we hope turns out to be valid -- as soon as information becomes available.

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