Where's Wolv V. Hulk and some Civ War SPOILERS


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Hey everybody...being that last week completely bitch slapped my wallet around, having only picked up two comics this week felt kinda nice (52 and Frontline). I guess my question is...where is Wolverine vs. Hulk? Is it me or is it severally late? I know when it comes to those types of collaborations schedules take some serious hits, but it started out so strong. Oh well.


Now some thoughts on Civil War. AWESOME! Damn, seeing that money shot of Thor dropping the hammer was dope! Seems like Cap is getting the smack down a lot lately (Origins / Civ War). I was pissed Iron Man was taking it to him. I really want someone to just beat the shit out of that drunken robot and I have a theory about that. Okay, so up until now we've had a fairly balanced scenario, but with Thor on the scene the scales definitely tip (in which way...not sure yet). So, another variable has to come in and balance the scales again and that variable is big, balls tough and you wouldn't want to make him angry. THE HULK IS COMING BACK! At least I hope. That would be great. Anyways, just a thought...

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First I just wanted to mention that I altered the title and put a buffer in your post, Bento, because some people haven't read CW#3 yet. That said...

Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk is late because of Damon Lindelof's Lost commitments. It's solicited as coming out next week, but that is wrong. The new date is September 20. We'll see if that holds.

Look at when I reviewed the first issue: 22 December, one day after it was released. Assuming it isn't delayed again, that will mean it took Marvel nine months to publish the first three issues. Weak!

As for the Hulk's return during Civil War: nope. Not a chance. Planet Hulk is scheduled to run until issue #105, which will be released in April 2007. Civil War ends in October. It should also be noted that though Hulk writer Grek Pak has been laying hints as to Hulk's plans once he returns, Marvel has also said that Hulk may not return to Earth for a long, long time.

They've also mentioned that there will not be a companywide event in 2007. Instead there will be "pocket" events. Meaning the X-Men will deal with something, Spider-Man has his own thing, the FF, etc. With that in mind and knowing the Hulk's return should be a huge, companywide deal, I'm thinking we won't see him on Earth until the summer of 2008.

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No problem on the edits. I'll be better with spoiler alerting.

W v H, your right...I got it confused with the Origins schedule.

As for the hulk, I did not know all of that shit, but you've got to admit...having him come back right now would be pretty interesting. Actually, I'm a Hulk fan so I just want him to come back and fuck things up.

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