My first 411 Games review!


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I'm not much of a gamer now but I do loves me some old school Street Fighter. I thought the review was magazine-worthy. Which is, obviously, a compliment due to the fact that a lot of web sites have serious issues with writing decen articles/reviews.

Well done.

PS I always thought the hurricane kick sounded like this: "ah-psychus sprooookus"

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I thought the review was magazine-worthy.

Woah! That means a lot. Thanks for the feedback man.

No worries. I meant it. It reads well and has a personal voice which I love in a review. I hate it when reviews are stale and general. Any review is obviously going to be somebody's opinion, it's nice when you can hear that person's voice in the writing instead of someone just telling you what the game/movie is.

Well done, sir.

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