Episode 56 WW Chicago Wrap Up Show


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You said no more marathons. Anyhow can't wait to get back to the "normal" episodes soon, the comic convention panels honestly bore me, the recaps are cool, I love the Mike/Jen funny stories. Look forward to listening to this as well as DW's take on Silent Hill (I have a feeling it would resemble me reviewing Sonic SaTAM or Advent Children.)

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Actually, I decided to have Amy not just do the Horrorfind recap with me, but the entire segment, including the Silent Hill review, which I think really made for something a lot better than just having boring monotone me for an hour straight.

And to be fair, I actually criticised the movie a lot more since it was the second viewing.

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Wrestling Show? PLEEEAAAASSSE do it and let me rave about my live ROH experience.

Or better yet, wait until the April 27-28 weekend (long time off, so I/you can prepare), ROH is running St. Paul/Chicago Ridge again then. Maybe I can pull the trip together then I wanted this weekend

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Basically it was how poorly they treated the fans: the general standoffish attitude of the creators (except Brian Azzarello), the snide looks Bob Wayne gave attendees, Wayne's curt "let's get this over with" / "I don't want to be here" answers, the childish laughing at fans with funny voices / speech impediments, etc.

What a lot of these creators seemingly forget is that they wouldn't be up there if it weren't for us, so a little respect would be nice. Rolled eyes, huffy answers and such is not the way to treat readers.

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