A Sincere Apology


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So I'm back out in Hicksville for Thanksgiving weekend and I'm bored on Sunday Night. While on the computer I decide to pull up an unaired segment I recorded for The Show that I forgot to to put on my laptop before I moved and listen to it...

I sincerely apoligize for the crappy sound quality of my prior reviews for the span of nearly 45 episodes I was routinely infesting the show with content that while well said, was incredibly grating on the ears and for that, I am truly sorry.

Also, in the spirit of the holiday A very big Thank you goes to Mike for allowing me to post my thoughts and opinions on the mainpage as well as on the show. My (only realistic) dream job is to be working on the radio and this is a huge stepping stone for me.

PS Did you get those three new projects a couple days ago? My laptop crashed and I'm not sure if they went through, I don't want the Anticipation and AMV to be gone for good.

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From you, I'm currently sitting on two Anticipations (Gravitation, Ouran), one review (Genshiken 2) and two AMVs (One of Us, Bad News Boys). Is that everything?

As for the sound quality, well, now you see why I was constantly PM-ing you about the background noise. ;)

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