Reel Dread: Sprechen Sie Scary?


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After last week's introductory column I wracked my brain wondering where to start with my first article of content. Would I do a movie review? That would, in my mind, automatically pigeonhole this as a review column. It's not. Would I do a retrospective of a particular director or genre? No, but that will all come later. Instead, I will start at the very roots of horror, and filmmaking for that matter.

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They always say you should leave your audience wanting more, but in this case, Des, I felt like I wanted too much more. In 1000 words you discussed five films. As such, this episode of RD felt like surface coverage of a much deeper subject. I'd like to see you roll up your sleeves and really dig into these individual films, as well as the German film movement.

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Yeah, it was somewhat intentional.

At some point I'll dive into Nosferatu and it's effect on the modern vampire film. I'll definitely do a sleep-deprived essay on Cabinet of Dr. Caligari. Metropolis will be coverd in my first SciFi column (not sure when that'll come around), M will certainly have it's own column as I have a huge attachment to that.

I wanted to scratch the surface and dreg up som interest in these movies at least superficially. People! Go anmd download these. All except M are free of copyright (I think). Public domain movies kick all kinds of bum.

Thanks for the critique. I welcome it from you and anybody else for that matter. November gets much more specific.

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