Reel Dread: A Little Bit of Sentimentality (or The Waiting is the Knardest Part)


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It's 1987. Let me set the scene: The Iran-Contra was cooling down. The Unabomber was blowing up. Rudolf Hess was found dead in his prison cell two months after Ronald Reagan challenged Mikhail Gorbachev to "tear down that wall." In a show of stunningly poor judgment, the British people elected Margaret Thatcher to Prime Minister. The world's stock markets and the Peruvian soccer team's airplane plummeted while the world's population rose to a nice, round five billion.

The above is from:

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Until I read this column, Des, I honestly thought I was the only person who remembered Monster Squad. Great to know there are others out there. It's also cool how this (then) modern movie brought you and your grandfather together.

Cheers Yoda!

you are not alone. There is a guerilla movement to get this film on DVD. There is no reason that Goonies, Lost Boys and Silver Bullet are on DVD and this gem isn't.

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