Reel Dread: Don't Open the DVD Tray


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What is it that makes a Halloween movie? Not just any scary movie will do. You need something with atmosphere; something that will capture your imagination while you're stuck inside the house. A movie can really be ruined by continual pausing, but the experience can be enhanced if it is the right movie. A movie that makes one scared to be home alone can really get the heart rate going when the doorbell rings.

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Curtis even returned for Halloween: H20 and Halloween Resurrection, but they're both stinkers if you ask me.

Can't speak of Resurrection, but H20 was enjoyable.

I like to pretend that the Myers story ended at Halloween II but if I had to pick any others from the series to be included then H20 would be it. Everything else is nothing but tripe dressed up in movie form.

Resurrection had Busta Rhymes in a prominent role for God's sake! :no:

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