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In the first volume of Genshiken all of the characters and rules of the series were clearly established (this is the real world where real people and anime exist), while the second volumes expands upon all that we know; more characters are introduced throughout the book, and mini-storylines become the focus in order to accomplish this.

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Explain something to me, Kellen: these characters are supposed to be likeable? Nothing about them (RE: Saki's death wish upon the club, Kousaka watching anime during their first time) seems redeeming. I'm not knocking your review; I'm simply questioning why we're supposed to care for these characters.

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The real kick to it is that is a show for Otaku by otaku, it is very niche.

The hook to the characters is that they (for the most part) are exactly like those that are most likely to read it, as Kenji & myself were doing during the Vol. 1 feedback, an otaku can relate to one or more of the characters and situations without a second thought.

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While I can buy some of their actions being relatable, scheming to close a club and watching anime whist nailing a girl from behind seem a little too... comic booky for what's supposed to be a real world manga. That's all I'm saying.

The student body girl was not scheming to close the club at all. They effectiveld as a club do nothing (but sit and watch TV) they use their club room just to hang out, which is not what they're supposed to be using it for, so they put it on an inactive list with a bunch of others.

Saki's schemes are hardly serious either, all she does is say she hates it, and at one point puts in a "test" to get in, which they didn't really have to do since she's supposed to have no sway at all in the club.

Also the whole watching anime while nailing a hot chick from behind is....well in context of the story, Saki is too damn head over heels for Kohsaka to care about what's happening. And yeah, it is pandering to the fans, no true otaku would turn down a chance at something like that.

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