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This is long, and tech heavy, but I thought this was a fascinating read. I love hearing about how Matt and Trey go about making their episodes. I love the fact that they sometimes don't finish an episode until the day it airs.

Q: What kinds of problems did you run into during the WOW filming? Do you have any funny stories of quirks or goofing off or things gone wrong or just not working?

JJ: Oh there were several little glitches we ran into. Everything from lag, to having random players walk into the area we were shooting in (we shot on the Burning Crusade alpha server...), the all-too-frequent stuttering frame in the captured footage, to even tripping breakers because we had too many computers on one power strip. There were lots of moments of wackiness as well as the Blizzard folks got to show off just how well they knew their game. One moment that sticks out to me is looking at the capture computer and seeing a gnome female filling the frame. I though, "Wow, she's really close to camera". Then she started to move and I realized she was actually very far away and was about 150 feet tall. Was definitely a moment of "Whaaaa?"

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I still think the funniest part of this is the players, who next day, went online and talked shit on how the episode didn't call the characters the right name, how magic was the right charge time, or how some classes were wearing the wrong stuff. Way to prove the episodes point there fella's.

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