Returning names? (this weeks comics spoilers)


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I picked up Manhunter this week thanks to the cover, which featured the return of the Ted Kord Blue Beetle during the trial of Wonder Woman for the murder of Max Lord. Whilst this is probably a scheme to try and incriminate Diana (make Lord out to be an innocent victim by erasing his evildoing) I was sufficiently interested to pick it up (big Ted Kord fan).

What was interesting though is the return of a group heavily associated with another favorite of mine, the Order of St. Dumas. For the uninitiated are the group responsible for the existance of Jean Paul Valley aka Azrael, who was a member of the bat-family and who replaced Bruce as Batman during the Knightfall event. Azreal was a solid favorite of mine for a long time in any format but his own book, which was pretty damn poor most of the time. Great concept, horrible execution.

What is DC up to? An Azrael return (although he is presumed dead)? is the Order behind the Beetles return? What the fudge is going on?

Ideas? Opinions? Answers on a postcard.

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