Pan's Labyrinth @ the Academy Awards


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Say what you like about the Oscars but I ruefully watch them annually. They are long boring and often ridicuously stupid. But they have clout.

This year I was actually impressed by Ellen DeGeneres and the song Will Ferrel and Jack Black did was awesome.

The big story, for genre fans, was Pan's Labyrinth. I'm doing an audio rundown for the podcast but the nominations and awards this movie got will give del Toro a lot of room to breathe in Hollywood. It should have gotten the Best Foreign Language category instead of a German film no one will remember next year but the "Academy Award Winning" banner at the top of the DVD case will sell a whole wack more to people who would otherwise pass it up.

A lot of nominations for Children of Men and Prestige and the performance of The Departed made it a good year for GOOD genre film instead of the regular Peter Jackson shit.


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