Another Final Fantasy remake on the DS

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Final Fantasy IV DS

Another FF remake.

by IGN Staff

May 9, 2007 - With a million sales in Japan alone, it's safe to say that no one was expecting Square Enix's Final Fantasy remakes to end with Final Fantasy III. Sure enough, a few days prior to the start of the Square Enix Party, the company has revealed plans for a full remake of the next entry in the series, Final Fantasy IV.

Fully unveiled on the pages of the latest issue of Jump magazine, Final Fantasy IV makes the move to full 3D. We're not sure if it's necessarily using the exact same engine as that of FFIII, although the staff that developed FFIII are overseeing the FFIV conversion.

Square Enix has a few changes planned on top of the visual update. The game will feature new episodes, allowing players to get deeper acquainted with the storyline. Character designs have been completely redone for the title.

A release date has yet to be set for the DS version of FFIV, but we're expecting to see more of the title at the Square Enix Party this weekend. Be sure and check back here at IGNDS.


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I'm stuck on the last boss in FFIII (which is doubly annoying, since it takes over an hour just to GET to her - then she proceeds to beat my ass with relative ease) but I've really enjoyed the transition to 3D. FFIV is one of the best, too, so I'd be on it in a heartbeat. I just hope they use to top screen more often - I was really disappointed at the way it was ignored for most of III. Put an interactive item menu on the bottom screen permanently when you're in a dungeon or a battle, show some Amano artwork, give us an alternate camera angle - anything but the plain black screen they used 75% of the time.

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I was surprised how fun FFIII is considering how low of expectations I held for it. The reviews I read really made me think this one wouldn't be so fun, but it's turned out to be a really great game and I absolutely can't wait to replay through Final Fantasy IV one more time. I might even start playing it again on the PS1 in anticipation for this.

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Why don't they just announce their intention to put every Final Fantasy game on every handheld that will ever be created and save themselves some time?

Seriously, it's getting out of hand.

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Final Fantasy 1 and 2, probably the worst two games in the series, have now been released on the NES, the PSone, the GBA, the Wonderswan, a shitload of cellphones, and are now on the way for the PSP.

They. Will. Never. Stop.

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That's what happens when a game sells well on different platforms. Although I do doubt the version for the Wonderswan did very well and really question why they brought one of their titles on there.

Again, it's cheap to do since they've already done it and people obviously keep buying them otherwise they wouldn't be releasing anymore. So what reason do they have to stop?

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Financially it makes sense for them to continue remaking/re-releasing all their old games, but as a consumer I’d like to see them, you know, make new ones. Seriously, how many Final Fantasy related games are they working on at this stage?

Off the top of my head:


Final Fantasy 1

Final Fantasy 2

Final Fantasy: Dissidia

Final Fantasy Tactics: The Lions War

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII


Final Fantasy Tactics: Advance 2

Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings

Final Fantasy IV


Final Fantasy Agito XIII


Final Fantasy XIII

Final Fantasy Versus XIII


Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles

I'm not even including all the non-Final Fantasy games they're making at this stage. Just look at how many of those are remakes/spin-offs.

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Spin offs are new games. They can't keep making different FF games with the basic turn based style for every single console. I admit I'd much prefer to see a new FF game on my Nintendo DS or even a Wii when I get one. But I've accepted long ago if I ever wanted that, it'd have to be on a Sony system and that's just not something about to do. So really, playing my favorite FF game in remade form is something I'm sure as hell not going to complain about.

I just don't see the big deal about this. Nothing getting out of hand and the original FF game hasn't even seen as many different variations as the latest Madden game. Square has made a lot of great games and they want to get as much out of them as they can.

You also forgot to mention that the DS is also getting a version of Crsytal Chronicles. Which by all accounts, will probably suck really hard.

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I’m not asking for new numbered Final Fantasies, I’d just like to see Square-Enix branch out more, rather than release game after game using the Final Fantasy name. That’s not to say I’m not interested in a handful of titles that are on that list (Dissidia looks interesting, Crystal Chronicles could be good and I never played the original Tactics). I just wonder how many times some of these games are going to be released.

The big thing that bothers me with the Final Fantasy I, II and IV remakes is that they were already re-released with updated graphics, text and added dungeons on the GBA just a few years ago (after they were already released a few years prior to that on the PS1). Now they’re getting a complete graphical overhaul (along with an added class or dungeon or whatnot) so they can be released again? It just seems really really soon.

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I thought Final Fantasy IV for the GBA was pretty much the same game as the previous, just brought to the GBA and maybe some minor modifications to the writing. Was the graphics really changed that much on the game?

I will admit, though, I had completely forgotten they'd released FFIV not too long ago on the GBA. That is pretty damn quick to be releasing that game after the Game Boy version.

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Final Fantasy IV Update

A few details on the latest remake.

by IGN Staff

May 17, 2007 - The Final Fantasy remake machine is running at full speed at Square Enix's offices in Japan, and the latest result is a fully 3D remake of Final Fantasy IV. Famitsu scored an interview with key staff members of the DS remake, which follows in the footsteps of the platinum selling remake of part III.

In the magazine's hot seat this week were director Takashi Tokita (scenario and planning on the original SNES version) and producer Tomoya Asano, who also produced the FFIII remake. The game is in development at a company called Matrix, who also handled the FFIII port, although these two are Square Enix staffers.

Tokita is the FF veteran here. He actually became a full Square employee during development of the original FFIV, which was the first time he had full control over the event planning on an RPG. For the remake, he's rechecking the original's scenario, which he wrote himself, and has managed to work in some new events. He stated of the remake, "It's new, but it's FFIV."

In somewhat of a surprising revelation, Tokita disclosed to Famitsu that only one-fourth of the original scenario made it into the Super Famicom title! The remake will see some areas fleshed out while others will be cut.

The two discussed some of the ways that game will make use of the DS. First off, they're working on ways to utilize the dual screens. During battle, the help window can be displayed larger thanks to the second screen. During dungeons, the bottom screen is used for an auto mapping feature. You can make your character move by touching the map with the stylus. While the D-pad is the main means of movement this time around, there will be some stylus-based mini games.

Tokita revealed that there are some big plans under way to make players play a second time. This is not limited to just restarting a game in a powerful condition, explained Asano.

Famitsu reports that one of the focuses with the remake project is to replicate the look of the original while making the move to 3D. Some areas will remain unaltered, including the number of enemies that appear in battle.


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  • 1 year later...
I would rather see them remake Chrono Trigger for either the GBA or the DS

ah what a different a year makes.

Picked FF4 up and I am liking it so far


They really have amped up the difficulty levels. I found the random encounters on Mount Fabul harder than the Boss fights.

You get very Gil for battles

Its really f**king hard.

The augment system isn't very well implemented.

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