Terminator 4

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Mario Kassar and Andrew Vajna have sold their TERMINATOR rights.

Halcyon, a new entity recently birthed by Derek Anderson and Victor Kubicek will now lord over our favorite alloy-coasted death bringers.

Their reign will begin with TERMINATOR 4 (tentatively set for Summer 2009), built around the previously announced screenplay by John Brancato and Michael Ferris. The script is said to center on a 30-something John Connor leading rag tag fugitive humans against the machines in our “future”.


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About Goddamned time! I say.

This is what everyone wanted to see for the third film and instead they turded it up.

I for one am excited about the next slew of Terminator films (a trilogy?). I hope Arnold has absolutely nothing to do with it. The only thing that would make sense is to have him as either the perfect soldier whose look was copied for the human versions of the T-100s (but his man-boobs say otherwise) or as the developer of the robots (but this is both derivative of AvP and as ridiculous as casting Denise Richards as a scientist in that Bond film).

I call for a grim and gritty futuristic Arnold-free Terminator series!

Because we all know that the Sarah Connor Chronicles is likely going to be a pooch.

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