The Sarah Connor Chronicles (SPOILERS)

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Okay, I just finished this and really liked it. There was way more action than I anticipated, and, surprisingly, a story to sink your teeth into.

When John first met Cameron I thought she might be a Terminator, but that all changed when she was shot dead. So my mind was blown when she popped back up and delivered the famous line, "Come with me if you want to live," a few minutes later! :w00t:

Sarah wasn't as hard as she used to be, but no one can be as tough as Linda Hamilton's Sarah Connor. So why try?

John isn't whiny, he's tired of running. Imagine how emotionally broken he must be. It worked, in my opinion.


- The rules of time travel were firmly established in the first movie, and now they've been changed.

- Did it really need to be set in the here and now? What was wrong with it being in 1999?

Overall, I can't wait for this to hit the air!

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Colour me very impressed and very hooked for the next episode

Agree 100% about the 'Come with me if you want to live' line, infact seeing River as the female terminator was alittle strange at first but I can get used to her in the role

I wonder if it will be mainly the same terminator guy coming after them in every ep or if they will have different ones, and for some reason from certain angles I was thinking Bruce Campbell lol

John and Sarah were good choices for their roles, I imagined John as a fit for the role straight away but Sarah seems like she will grow into hard Linda Hamilton Sarah Connor over time which will be fun to see.

I wonder how much time travel we will see actually, maybe they will put that over as a one time deal but when they get to the main computers whose to say they wont find a way to do so again. As I really want to see them attempt an episode in the future somehow for John to realise his potential.

Any word on an air date for the show as well?

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Boo! That was my favorite scene.

A US TV series based on the Terminator movies is to revamp a key storyline following the Virginia Tech massacre. The Sarah Connors Chronicles, scheduled to begin next year, follows a mother trying to protect her son - who may be destined to save mankind. But a scene in which the young boy is attacked in his school will be revised, TV network Fox has confirmed. The scene was filmed before a student shot dead 32 people at Virginia Tech University in April.

The gunman, 23-year-old Cho Seung-hui, later turned his weapon on himself. Josh Friedman, an executive producer on the Fox TV show, has defended the scenes, which see 15-year-old John Connor come under attack in his classroom.

He believed the incident was central to the show's theme, Fox Entertainment chairman Peter Liguori told the US Television Critics' Association. "This woman is charged with protecting and preparing her son to be the future leader of the resistance," Mr Liguori said. "The one single place a parent has to give up control of their child is school." Mr Friedman was the first to acknowledge the scenes should be changed in the wake of the deaths in Virginia, Mr Liguori added, but he was unable to say how the story would be changed.

The producer was asked whether TV programmes should avoid this type of fictional violence, given that school shootings were a recurring problem in the US. "Creative questions are answered on an ad hoc basis, not on a broad one, and we need to respect our audience," he replied. The Sarah Connors Chronicles is due to begin in January 2008, with Fox hoping the programme will inherit the predominantly female audience from the hit American Idol show. The title role has been given to British actress Lena Headey, who has previously appeared in films such as The Brothers Grimm and Ripley's Game.

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I guess we have the "director's cut" now.

I still think this was leaked on purpose because it worked so well for Heroes last year. You leak the pilot to see what the reaction is, and if it's negative, you cut your losses and cancel it. I bet we see more pilots leaked soon.

Several TV shows from the upcoming TV season have leaked to BitTorrent over the past week. Weeds, Chuck, The Sarah Connor Chonicles, Pushing Daisies, Californication, Brotherhood and Dexter, to name a few. It makes you wonder, Is this the work of hardcore pirates or just a new form of promotion by the TV studios?
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