Bionic Woman *spoilers*

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I thought I'd give my mini review of the pilot that I put on my blog.

We all know the story. A woman is in a horrible accident and parts of her body are replaced to make her stronger, faster, and better than before. It sounds good doesn't it?

It's not. It's boring. I had more fun spotting people from Battlestar Galactica than following the plot.

Michelle Ryan plays Jamie Summers, and she's the only good thing about this show.

Katee Sakhoff plays the first bionic woman who turned evil. She is horrible in this role. This was a huge miscast, in a long line of miscasts. She overacts, hams it up, and basically just sucks. One scene sums up what's wrong with this show:

The climax of the show is about to start. The two bionic women are about to start fighting, and Katee calls a time out to have a smoke. What the fuck kind of writing is that?

I doubt this show makes it past the first couple episodes. Thumbs down.

I feel the need to point out that they are recasting some of the parts and re-filming them. The sister for instance will no longer be deaf.

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