Episode 129


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Ian reviews all three (yes, three) Fantastic Four movies, and tosses in some comic book movie news to boot. Before that, however, Jenny and Mike discuss everything from their lack of interest in The Simpsons Movie to Mike's bursting desire to see The Dark Knight teaser trailer to haircuts. [ 1:03:38 || 29.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_129.mp3

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Well i saw The Simpsons Movie last night at the midnight showing and loved it. my friend who is just like you Mike who dosen't even believe that the Simpsons exists after season 10 absolutley loved the movie. I live and die by Seasons 1-10 and was not dissapointed at all. The movie was hillarious and yes there was some of the slapsticky stuff from the later seasons but overall it was just well written, well plotted jokes and it was so refreshing to see that because it has been so absent from the later seasons of the show. The movie also has a lot of heart and contains one of the saddest sequences i have ever seen in a Simpsons episode rivaling even the end of 'Mother Simpson'.

David Silverman bought his A-Game to this movie and further proves why he is one of the best directors in animation and does things with 2-D that you wouldn't think were possible. i swear some of these shots are mindblowing and i am sure film roman and rough draft were working on this movie up until the last minute. Al Brooks was fantastic in the movie as he always is. great performances from all the usual gang of voice actors (especially Julie Kavner and Dan Castelenetta). the writers served up a plot which actually deserved a movie treatment and it never felt like a 90 minute episode of the TV show.

I should note though there was no TDK teaser before the movie but i am not sure if this is true for every theater. I am seeing The Simpsons Movie again today and tomorrow at 2 different theatres so i will see if one is attached to the film there. There's a possibility that they might of pulled it at the last minute.

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Sometimes midnight screenings don't have new trailers attached. That could be the case here.

I honestly can't justify paying $20 for two tickets to see a movie that's based on a TV show I no longer love. Unless Jenny changes her mind, we'll wait six months and rent it for $1.00.

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Right on, Ian!

I am still listening but thought I'd mention I'm right there with you on Stan Lee. That second "really?" had me laughing out loud. The guy should accept his check and shut up as far as I'm concerned. If I didn't have a babysitter for the kids I'd have walked out of Spider-Man 3 after his cameo.

That said: Mike, you'll walk out of The Simpsons movie before it starts to catch a teaser but you're excited for Underdog? For shame. The talking dog movie? Really? Really?

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