Episode 151


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After a short hiatus, Des and Mike return with reviews of Abyss #1, Atomic Robo #1, Mice Templar #1, Neozoic #1 and Strangeland: Seven Sins #1. Though three of these premier issues won't be released until October, the duo strongly recommends ordering them now! Which ones received the stamp of approval? Listen to find out. [ 57:01 || 26.1 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_151.mp3

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Neozoic is a good comic, just not as good as the other Red 5 offerings. By the end of the first storyline, I'm sure my prediction about Neozoic will come to pass: it will be the comic that's equivalent to the summer blockbuster, with lots of explosions and blood and dinosaurs and hot chicks and more explosions and guns and crazy action. So yeah, it's worth reading if you want action, action, action!

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I might pick it up in the future when i can add more funds into my comic budget but as for right now i'll pass. I am also not big on straight action stuff but anything involving dinosaurs is a pretty easy sell for me lol. are you guys going to continue to review the Red 5 issues in future IIWY? segments or does a specific comic series only get reviewed on the show once ?

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