Fallen Justice Promo


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I did this to kill some time in between jobs. I had wanted to give sort of a parting gift to this book on my way out the door to another project, so when the artist told me that this piece wasn't going to be used, I figured I'd try to change the creator's mind. This was my first real experiment with secondary lightsources, so any help or advice would certainly be appreciated.

I had originally had a the light in the back much brighter, but it took away from the characters in the foreground, so I toned it down. Taking a second look at it though, I think I toned it down too much.

Lineart by Harold Edge

Colors by Ross Hughes


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Ha. I was thankful for that too. Keeps the peace at home, if you know what I mean.... :smilewinkgrin:

A lot of the skin is being washed out by the strong highlights I put in because of my bright (at first) background. I'm going to be re-working the background, so the skin tone values may end up changing as well.

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