Favourite Vertigo Quotes

Darque Edge

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Spider Jerusalem (while repeatedly hitting someone in the face with a chair leg): This is the chairleg of truth, Fred! Can you hear it? It says 'Shut up', Fred! Can you hear it?

Fred: I don't know anything, I swear it's the truth!

Spider (continuing to pummel him): Do not offend the chairleg of truth. It is wise and terrible.

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From Preacher:

'I'll have the chicken Salad...hold the chicken'.

'Hold the chicken?'

'There's nothing else I can eat. I'm vegetarian'

'You're vegetarian? Hey, I know this brilliant recipe for quiche! What you do, right, is you get the quiche, right, and then you throw the stupid fucking thing out of the window, and cook yourself a steak like any normal person.'

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I am fully willing to keep doing this until someone else posts.

God: It's not for you to understand my ways, Tulip. All you need do is accept. And trust

Tulip: That's funny, that's exactly what I used to hear in Sunday School. I didn't like it then, either. I've never been one for blind faith. I've got my own theory: I don't think you're such hot shit. I reckon you're scared of meeting Jesse face to face - and I notice you've quit the fucking silly special effects, too.

God: THAT IS QUITE ENOUGH! I am leaving. You go to Jesse Custer, and you tell him this has been a warning. You tell him that unless he forgets this ridiculous attempt to hunt me down, things will be much worse the next time. I am a loving God, Tulip - but DON'T PUSH IT.

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From Preacher:

Jesse: Hey.

Tulip: You came after me.

Jesse: I had to. People like you an' me don't find each other too often in this damn world. Please come with me, Tulip.

Tulip: No. No, that's not fair. You haven't the right to say that to me, and you know it... You'll hurt me again, you'll break another promise, you'll -- Can't you see it makes no sense for me to come with you...!

Jesse: Oh Tulip, of course it don't. What we have ain't born of reason or logic 'cause love never is. It's stupid and crazy and irrational, 'cause it comes from in here, an' that is one thing that never makes no sense. But I do know that I have got to change a little, if this macho bullshit you talked about is gonna keep getting' in the way. We don't gotta just accept the way things are. Just like we don't gotta let ourselves be lessened by death or any other damn thing. Just like we don't need no God to shape the world for us. We can make our lives the way we want them -- or we ain't worth nothing. Now take my hand an' I swear I'll love you 'til the Goddamn stars go out.

Tulip: You're -- crying --

Jessie: I guess I must be learnin'.

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From Transmetropolitan:

Assistant: We stripped his (Spider Jerusalem's) apartment. Left no way for him to get or give out information except his phone.

Royce: His phone?! You left him his phone? You fucking idiots! Don't you remember Prague? Don't you remember how many people died?

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Let's start this back up shall we?

From 'Preacher'. Cassidy meets another vampire, who is a thinly veiled Lestat ripoff..

Vampire: But mortals fear us...and why shouldn't they? After all, we are the dark mirror of themselves, we are the...

Cassidy: Aw, fuck me, you're a wanker!

Vampire: Wanker? Is this one of these eastern hungarian terms? Like 'Umpir'?

Cassidy: No, it means you spend too much time playing with yourself. It means you've got your head stuck up your own arse. Wanker. Noun. One who wanks. Aww, I'm sorry, I'm just disappointed, y'know? All this time, and I finally find another vampire, and, well, it turns out he's a bit of a prick.

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