Silver Surfer


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The background is awesome and I like the trail effect you added to Surfer, however, I'm not crazy about the yellow-ish glints spotting his arms and head.

The art is distracting me from some of your techniques. It wasn't until now that I noticed you used the chrome filter on Surfer and the board. This might be an odd request, but can you post the image without the lineart? I'd like to see the colors without being distracted by the art itself.

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Chrome filter? You wound me sir! :shakehead: I painted in the colors on the Surfer and the board. I used Liquify to pull the colors around to fit the shape board better and give it the liquid metal look though. The Surfer is almost entirely free hand though. I wasn't getting what I wanted from Liquify.

I'll make a jpeg without the lineart and post that soon.

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No taken seriously. Actually use of filters by themselves are pretty much taboo and stick out like a sore thumb, but using them to HELP create effects can give you some really interesting images. Too many artists use them as a crutch when they start out though, myself included. But that's part of the growing process.

Here's the pic without the lineart.


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