Tin Man

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Yea they've been playing trailers of it on sci-fi for awhile now. It looks wierd, but I'll check it out. As I have never read the book is this a closer adaptation to that?

It's not even close to the books or the movies. It takes place in present time, and OZ stands for Outer Zone, and it's very dark.


The Tin Man is an ex cop forced to watch his family get kidnapped over and over again while being imprisoned in a metal suit.

Scarecrow is named Glitch and had half his brain removed while being imprisoned and tortured.

The cowardly Lion is now a half man, half wolverine psychic.

Dorthy is named DG, and is a waitress and rides a motorcycle.

The wicked witch is named Azcadellia, and overthrew her mom to become the ruler of O.Z. She sucks the souls from people that she kills.

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