Another Fallen Justice Promo


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I was sent this to see what I could do with this promo piece. Turns out I was reading the artist's mind when I went with the "Gatorade" concept. He and I are in such a groove artistically that I'm really having regrets about having to leave the book. :shakehead:

I doubt the captions I put in will be part of the final product (God, I hope not. The font is terrible) but I thought it drove the point home. Still have a couple things to clean up before I call it done, but I figured it's close enough to show.

Lineart by Harold Edge

Colors by Ross Hughes


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And on a brighter note, I'm going to be returning to the book. The creator and I talked over the weekend and he's willing to deal with any delays my working on another book might cause to bring me back on board. I'm psyched to be doing it again since I was just getting my feet wet with these characters and Harold and I seem to click artistically. :urock:

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