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Trust me, it was a sad, sad day when I had to get rid of my Slave I and Imperial Landing Lego ships. :cry:

*Sniff Sniff* They never had a chance! *Crys*

HAHAHAHA I have a avatar you wanted! If you still want this current avatar I will send you the link to where i got it.

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Thanks, Doug! I'll refrain from using it until you're done with it. No need for both of us to have the same avatar.

Glad you like it! I will be using this just for a little longer

You know what dissipoints me about that episode "Birds Of a Fether" The viking helmet that the penguin is wearing is not correct at all. That is not what viking helmets look like. The reason archelogist think thats the way viking helmet looks because tomb raider would come and mess everything up. The first horns is a whistle, and the second horn is for a drinking goblet. The real helmet look like this. My teacher owns a "Real" viking helmet but I am not willing to bring my camera to school.

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