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Hey guys posted this over in my forum and thought "hey mabey earth 2 would like this!". So this is basicly a dierect copy from my forum, musicman is my best friend and forum member. Hey I have a exuse for posting this because it has killer croc in it but I would like to know, Could i post anyother creations yoda? Just checking.... any way here we go......

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So today Musicman came over over to my house and we wanted to build a lego battle zone. So the link explains it all. By the way there are mega blocks on the hill we could not find enough pecies for it. The car you see in the war will be posted soon!

Here is the key to the armeis

Good Guys (Me and Music)= Aqua Raiders

Bad Guys = Skeltons, Clone toppers

Unknown = Alpha team, Killer Crock, BattleDroid, Fire Fighter (What the heck?)

The Observer (More on him coming soon)

This is not the last battle so stay tuned and find out what they are battling for and who the observer i. Any way enoguh taunting here is the link,

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Hope you enjoy!

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