Warren Ellis Back in Marvel!

Darque Edge

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Bendis said that he's been offered to take over Avengers as of issue 500, and to completely revamp it. While he does a lot of titles, he takes pride in the fact that they're all very different, so he doesn't want to do two team books. So he stepped down, and apologised for renaming Doom 'Von Damme'....

And according to Bendis, Millar backed down because he's a copycat.

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I met Bendis in San Diego a couple times, when he was promoting Torso and he was every bit as friendly / funny as you'd think he is from his letters pages. Really, I wasn't that into him as a writer until I talked with him and he convinced me I HAD to buy the first issue of Torso. I bought it, read it that night and came back to buy the rest of the series the next day. I've been a fan ever since.

I'll buy UFF, but I'm disappointed the entire creative team is leaving after just one story arc. Why can't Adam Kubert just pick a book and stay on it?


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