Episode 177


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With all of their technical difficulties solved (for now), Des and Mike return to review five comics scheduled for release this Wednesday: Amazing Spider-Girl #15, Angelus Pilot Season, Atomic Robo #3, Dark Sector #0 and Fantastic Four #552. Which book caused Mike to step on his soapbox, and which television theme song does Des sing? You have to download the episode to find out! [ 53:50 || 24.6 MB ]

The above is from: http://www.earth-2.net/theshow/episodes/e2ts_177.mp3

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Spider-girl used to be a good little series with a nice array of bad guys but its long since outlived its usefulness. Frankly I was amazed to find that its been Tom Defalco writing it all along, I was sure that it was someone else who was working on it up until about 2004. I pretty much stopped getting this book just before the switch to Amazing. It used to be filled with good art and cool characters, it wasn't overflowing with other heroes and the high-school aspect wasn't all played out like it is now. Its just upsetting to think that this was one of my favorite books around the 30-40 issue mark and now its just dead to me.

It didn't used to be so lifeless. I'm a big fan of DC-style character dynasties and the MC2 universe did a great job with some of these. Darkdevil in particular was a great concept, combining the child of Spider-man Clone Ben Reilly with the spirit of Daredevil and Ghost Rider's demon Zarathos, it created a great character with his foot in hard-crime, supernatural events AND the mainstream-style Spiderman mythos. Granted the storyline they gave him for his own series blew chunks but it was a good concept, and knowing his true nature and seeing his character interact with his cousin May was very interesting, given thier shared history.

I'm going to go back and find out if that stuff holds up now.

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